CSPort Audio Air Floating Turntables

The philosophy behind the CSport brand is to create consistent and pure sound that eliminates all noise, enhances silence, and creates neutral sound all without any coloration. The result is a non-feedback system that boasts high-quality components and a superior double regulated power supply that is optimised by technology and knowledge derived from around 50 years of development in the industry. The superior level of noise control produced by this brand also comes from in-depth experience, from developing and producing industrial equipment.

csport Monaural Power Amplifier 212PAM2

This vacuum tube type monaural power amplifier features a large triode 212E. With a plate voltage of 1400 volts, it has a 40W output. Thanks to its no-feedback technology, this amplifier creates a 3D, spontaneous sound. 

Csport Battery Tube Phono Stage
Csport Battery Tube Phono Stage

csport Stereo Power Amplifier GM70PA

This vacuum tube type stereo power amplifier features a direct heating triode GM70. With a plate voltage of 1050V, it has an output of 30W + 30W. With its impressive no-feedback technology, it can create a 3D effect that brings a sense of presence while expressing a totally clear sound.

csport Stereo Preamplifier C3PR

With a reliable tube C3g, this tube type preamplifier has an impressive ability to eradicate common mode noise thanks to its integrated noise processing technology which is based on extensive power supply development and that provides an excellent noise reduction effect.

Csport Battery Tube Phono Stage

csport Phono Equalizer Amplifier C3EQM2

This tube type phono equalizer amplifier features a highly-reliable tube C3g and boasts a 15 kΩ plate load resistance. It has a suppressed heater voltage to achieve low noise. Entirely separate from the AC line, this amplifier is battery operated and amplifies with no added extras to the level that the preamplifier requires.

csport MC Step-Up Transformer CMT1MC

With a proprietary transformer that has been meticulously designed, this step-up transformer boasts a high-linearity which makes it perfect for expansion of the C3EQM2 phono equalizer amplifier.

CSport SUT Transformer

csport Turntable System LFT1M2A

This heavy turntable is the brand’s flagship model with a heavy granite base pairing with a brass platter and floating air to create truly impressive rotation.

Csport Turntable TAT1M2

Every LFT1M2 unit has been configured to stand alone as a unit in its own right, making it possible to select the one that is most suited to the environment. The tonearm attachment and air pump required for use of this product are available for sale separately.

Csport Turntables Airfloating Turntable
Csport Turntables

csport Turntable TAT2M2

Based on a flagship concept, this turntable boasts a compact design paired with a brass platter, air floating, and heavy granite base for the ultimate level of quietness.

csport Linear Arm AFU1-2

With linear tracking and air floats, this model ensures the ideal pickup, moving smoothly sideways with the air. The air film is able to absorb all unwanted external noise and vibrations.

csport Linear Tonearm LT
csport Static Eliminator IME1

Static Eliminator IME1

This brand-new accessory is designed with a strong focus on cartridge friction, eliminating static electricity during record playback. Minimising the impact of static electricity and electrostatic charges on records, it makes all analogue records even more vivid.


Csport Turntables Air Floating

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About Toshimichi Machino

President and Representative Director

Originating from Japan’s Toyama Prefecture, Toshimichi Machino was born in 1947 and has more than half a century of experience within the audio sector. For more than 40 years, he has been engaged in developing switching power supplies and has undertaken a number of key roles within this sector, including taking charge of Cosel Co. Ltd’s development division and serving as Tas President and Chairman of the company. He is also the former director of The Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers and counts music appreciation, music recording, 2/38 tapes, and self-produced CDs among his many and varied interests.

His audio company, CS Port, was originally established in 2014 and has gone from strength to strength over the years thanks to the high quality of its products and the outstanding value that they represent. Taking inspiration for its name from the way in which a port can shield the bay from the winds and tides, enabling the ships to depart and enter freely, CS Port strives to shield the listener from unwanted noise that could distract from the beauty of the music. With this in mind, it is the brand’s mission is to find harmony between music and listeners transcending space and time. Bringing the brand’s passion for music to life through outstanding audio equipment, CS Port uses a no-feedback approach thanks to a truly impressive noise processing technology. By solely utilising the audio signals engraved within the grooves of a record, its technology creates a sound that is wonderfully warm and incredibly expressive. It’s no wonder, then, that the high-end audio equipment designed and sold by CS Port offers a level of performance far above its price bracket, and constantly receives rave reviews from audiophiles all around the world.



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