Hana Cartridges

Hana Cartridges

Hana is an exceptionally committed, high-class Japanese cartridge producer, and their creations are regarded by many as second to none. Since their conception in 2015, Hana Cartridges have certainly created a large impact within the audiophile community.

In Indonesia, their carefully curated cartridges are well-liked for a number of different reasons, and considering that this is a company producing high-end, high-performance moving coils, their price margins are extremely reasonable; making them one of the go-to brands for Vinyl Fanatics across the globe.

About Hana Cartridges - (Excel Sound Corporation)

Hana Cartridges are invented, designed, and constructed by Excel Sound Corporation; a consistent trendsetter within the audiophile community for almost 50 years, and based in Tokyo.

Perhaps recognised as one of the most extremely skilled, but somewhat underground Japanese producers, Excel’s experience is demonstrated throughout their perfect and pristine execution of Hana Cartridges.

In the half a century that they have been around, they have consistently produced a wide range of OEM cartridges. Whilst a large proportion of the cartridges they have created have not been announced, their products and parts are likely to be found in a plethora of Hifi Equipment across the globe.

Interestingly, ‘(華) – Hana’ in Japanese translates to ‘Brilliant and Gorgeous,’ and in our opinion, this is a highly modest statement, taking into account the level of quality that this company is manufacturing. Fortunately for audiophile obsessives, we stock two of their highest class cartridge models, the ML series, and the Umami (Red Series), and you can find them right here on our site (our online store). Hana Cartridges is certainly a name that has not gone unnoticed, and since they launched their very first product, they have moved forward to win award after award. In just six short years, Hana has won an astounding number of these, some of which include:

  • Cartridge of the Year 2020 – Umami Red (Hifi-Plus UK Awards)
  • Phono Cartridge of the Year 2019 – Hana ML (Hifi-Plus UK Awards)
  • Rocky Mountain International Press Award 2019 – Hana SL (Rocky Mountain)
  • Cartridge of the Year 2018 – Hana SL (Mono and Stereo Awards)

Whilst the company itself only came to fruition in 2015, it is owned by Excel Sound, who have been known within Japan and across the globe for almost half a century to date.

Hana Cartridges
Hana Cartridges Excel Sound
Hana Cartridges Excel Sound

HANA ML Series

Hana ML
Hana ML
Hana ML

At Phantom Audio, we are proud to offer the ML Series for our devoted vinyl lovers, both in Indonesia and worldwide. We only ever provide the best very equipment, and the ML Series is certainly one of the finest cartridges there is. To date, there are very few cartridge companies across the globe offering inventions of this standard.

The title ML (Micro-Line), derives from the design used for the nude diamond stylus tip employed for this cartridge. With an extremely enhanced tracking ability, the Hana ML series (cartridges) are successfully able to capture the most finite details and delicate elements of music, which result in a clear frequency resolution, expert channel balance, as well an exceptionally low level of potential distortion.

The parts for each Hana Cartridge have been carefully selected for their beneficial features, and in addition to this, they are individually assembled by hand at Excel’s warehouse in Yokohoma, Japan. A large number of the components found within the magnetic circuit for the ML cartridge(s) are cryogenically treated, including the front yoke. Not every company uses this method, and according to Excel, Cryogenic Treatment is a process that results in a ‘…more precise and controlled magnetic flux field that in turn enables greater linearity and more musical sound quality…’ – (Excel, 2018) This is a highly regarded piece of kit within the Analog Audiophile community, and there are a growing number of requests for it each year across the globe.

HANA Umami Red

Hana Cartridges Umami
Hana Cartridges Umami
Hana Cartridges Umami

Umami Red is often compared to other companies selling cartridges for almost five times the price; making this one of the best quality, yet value-for-money cartridges to be found worldwide.

This high-end cartridge has the potential to offer audiophiles in Indonesia an extremely superb sound experience. A product reserved across the globe, increasingly requested, and in turn, selling out everywhere. This is a design that exudes a clear relay of craftsmanship, yet with the use of an adaption born from more a modern understanding of finite mechanical/metaphysical engineering.

Okada-san, (founder of Excel and creator for Hana Cartridges) has successfully compiled the Umami Red from a series of high-class components: The body for the cartridge is comprised of A7075 aluminium (duralumin). Which is regarded as one of the strongest, yet lightest possible alloys currently available. For the outer casing of the cartridge, ebony wood has been employed for its specific dampening properties to safely surround the moving coil generator (open-air). What is possibly most interesting about the coil’s design is that it mimics the form and shape of a human ear, and therefore creates a level of resonance control that is hard to compete with

HANA Products

Hana Cartridges EL Cartridge
Hana EL
Hana Cartridges EH Cartridge
Hana EH
Hana Cartridges SH Cartridge
Hana SL
Hana SH
Hana Cartridges Mono Cartridge
Hana SL Mono
Hana Cartridges ML Cartridge
Hana ML
Hana Cartridges MH Cartridge
Hana MH
Hana Cartridges Umami Cartridge
Hana Umami Red

The Creator - Masao Okada San

Founder of Excel Sound and the creator for Hana Cartridges, Masao Okada San has a deep interest in LP playback, and in general, anything to do with analog audio and vinyl.

Whilst much is not known about his personal life, we do know that he began researching phono-cartridges and their design in 1964, and then proceeded to open the Excel Factory just a few years later, in 1970.

With over 50 years of audiophile experience, Okada San is regarded as a master cartridge maker worldwide and has a deeply engrained understanding of sound.

Excel’s superb HANA line of moving coil cartridges has of course been born from Okada San’s expertise and profound knowledge of sound. He is regarded by the Audiophile Community as a cartridge genius/master, with his creations successfully producing a sound that is now referred to via its name – the HANA sound!



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