IHEAC Indonesia High End Audio Club

IHEAC Indonesia High End Audio Club


Most audiophiles in Indonesia will know all about the IHEAC. To provide you with a little more background surrounding the organisation – According to the IHEAC, they are a non-profit seeking and non-political, independent, and open audiophile members’ club. The club was first founded in 2004 and it has since been registered with the Indonesian Ministry of Justice.

As of April 30, 2021, the title for this audiophile alliance has changed somewhat, and IHEAC now stands for the… Indonesian Hobby Audio Community Education Foundation (also abbreviated as IHEAC).

At Phantom Audio, we like to stay neutral, and although we are not affiliated with the IHEAC, it’s good to stay informed! Just read on to find out more regarding the IHEAC members, club events, annual events, and member distributors, right here…

IHEAC High End Audio Club

IHEAC Indonesia High End Audio Club – So what is the IHEAC?

The IHEAC originally stood for – Indonesia High End Audio Club, and whilst the official name has recently been changed, most members still use this title (found above). According to the organisers, the IHEAC is not only based on a love of all things audio, but it has also been based on the value of kinship, connection, and community.

The Indonesia High End Audio Club is a tight circle with various objectives and is comprised of several members which continue to benefit from the audiophile community support found within this exclusive group.

As stated on the official Indonesia High End Audio Club website, (below) you can find the list of objectives/benefits that the club continue to follow:

•Discounts on High End records (LPs and CDs)
• Learn from experts and seasoned Audiophiles/ Indonesian Vinyl Lovers
• Communicate via a chat room on the IHEAC website
• To share knowledge with both IHEAC members and members of the public about sound systems that are high quality, yet set at an affordable price point
• IHEAC insider knowledge, on how to use sound systems in the best possible manner, efficiently and effectively

The club itself is a close-knit network, and they tend to be secretive when it comes to giving insider information away.Luckily for you, we’ve done some more digging, so to find out even more about what the IHEAC are up to, just read on…

High End Indonesia IHEAC
IHEAC Audio High End
High End Audio & Studio Speakers Indonesia

The IHEAC – Events, Members, Distributors & More

The IHEAC is made up of a large body of members that span across a wide age range. Therefore, the organisation has many followers that are from both younger and more senior generations.

Interestingly, a fair few of their members are also distributors too, and some of the IHEAC members are highly well-known within the Indonesian Audiophile community for their personal endeavours and other audio-related projects.

Some of these members include:

• Danny CT Dijimantoro – Renowned Audiophile/Distributor and IHEAC Member
• Wando Suripto – Founder of Jet Charter Company – PT JAVAJET ASIA
• Adam Nugroho – Finance Accounting Supervisor – PT. PENDANAAN TEKNOLOGI NUSA

It’s no secret that the Indonesia High End Audio Club hosts many annual events, but in addition to this, several of the most active members often visit audiophile events overseas too.

Some of the annual events that the IHEAC host in Indonesia include:

• Audio Video Show Exhibition
• High End Audio Show
• Car Audio Challenge

In most cases, the IHEAC holds its annual events in a comfortable hotel location within Jakarta, which is more accessible for members and other audiophile fanatics.

It comes as no secret that Hong Kong is home to an ever-growing audiophile community, and for this reason, the IHEAC often attends High-End Audio events there. Each year several members from the community visit the Hong Kong Audio Show, although it hasn’t taken place recently in light of the pandemic.
As a member of the Indonesia High End Audio Club, you’re able to buy/sell and distribute via their site.

Some of the  most active re-sellers include:

• Lukas Tan
• Starlite Harmoni
• Hartono Audio
• Elite First

Many members of the IHEAC are also private distributors and are actively involved in trying, testing, and sometimes create new high-end software/equipment.

Whilst we support audiophilism in every aspect, we prefer to make use of OTL amplifiers and Field Coil Speakers, sadly the IHEAC aren’t as particular as us…

Indonesia High End Audio IHEAC
Indonesia High End Audio Club Audiophiles

The Preferred Method – Phantom Audio’s Choice

We tend to stick with one solid setup, which has been tried, tested, and around since the 1950s (the golden era for original audiophiles).

Here we firmly believe in making use of OTL amplifiers and Field Coil Speakers – a method that the most religious of audiophiles would agree with. Some of our high end products include Analog Systems such as Jsikora, Acoustical Systems Tonearms, Hana Cartridges, JC.Verdier Turntables and Frank Schröeder Tonearms.

What’s more, is that we know there are several members of the IHEAC that just love this style of setup too, any true audiophile does! It’s hard not to. In addition to some of the products mentioned above, we also supply Quested Studio monitors. For those unaware, these are used by some of the biggest film studios on the planet.

For High End Fans in Indonesia, our distribution system is one of the best currently available for fans looking for deliveries. We also distribute globally, but we are increasingly becoming the go-to supplier for high end audio and products in Indonesia.

We respect what the IHEAC are doing, and as big audiophiles, it makes us happy to see community groups like the IHEAC forming. Whilst we aren’t part of the Indonesia High End Audio Club, we are proud to be making our own splash (as well as sound waves) within the High End Community.

Our High-End speakers are pleasing both to the ears and eyes, and we like to provide great aesthetics when installing even the smallest of systems. For more information regarding our setups and installations, you can get in touch right here!

IHEAC- Staying Neutral

Considering we are an exclusive distributor for OTL amplifiers and Field Coil Speakers, we feel that these are ultimately one of the very best setups on the planet, regardless of price.

If you’re a true audiophile, then you’ll know that good quality sound is something to strive for. By minimizing distortion or potential sound disturbances, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting as close to the original sound as possible.

At Phantom Audio, we like to stay neutral, and whilst we aren’t part of the Indonesia High End Audio club, it’s not because we don’t respect them. We would just prefer not to affiliate with any external clubs or associations.

Our offers, products, services, and more… are highly unique within the High End Audio World, and especially here in Indonesia. Like we have mentioned above, we prefer to provide one solid system for both Audio and Speakers.

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