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J.SIKORA High-End Turntable

J.Sikora Turntables is a new and upcoming company to the audio market, but they have won numerous product awards already and they are firmly stamping their print. Their new generation turntables are certainly gaining a lot of attention and traction, and we reckon they are the hottest audio brand to hit to market as of recent.

J Sikora Turntables

J.Sikora Turntables is based in Poland and has been named one of the best companies for producing turntables of great value and high-performance. For the price range, they offer some of the best equipment going on the market, and their competitors are going to feel the pinch.

What’s fascinating and well-respected about the company is that they build every single part in-house. They leave nothing for outsourcing and they create their own power supply for builds too.

J.Sikora Turntables recently released the new tonearm KV12, which is being talked about in the audiophile community as a highly exciting, and much-welcomed new addition to J.Sikora’s products.

The KV12 is the first of its kind to make use of aramid fibre tubes, and it functions on a unipivot.

Interestingly, the KV12 Tonearm is known as an Armtube Tonearm, and it allows for highly detailed reproductions with a surprisingly low noise floor. It has taken quite a few years to develop this product, but the audiophile community is so happy that it’s finally here.

We are also planning on bringing the new KV12 tonearms in stock soon, and we are very excited to receive our first delivery from J.Sikora.

The founder of J Sikora Turntables brought things together in 2007, and the company’s ethos is to create and develop high-quality equipment for audiophiles at a good price.

J.Sikora Turntables is a company that understands the meaning of uncompromised sound, high-class quality, and a clean listening experience that most audiophiles strive for unremittingly.

Asides from some of their other products in their wide and extensive range, J.Sikora offer three different types of turntable model.

  • Initial
  • Standard
  • Reference

Each model is made to the highest quality standards possible, and J Sikora uses their own home-built tonearms, cartridges, and (corrective) phonostages to create a playback to be proud of.
According to the company, they hope to help audiophiles like themselves unleash all the possible hidden potential contained within an LP.

KV12Tonearm Technical Specifications:

J.Sikora Tonearms

Available finishes: natural yellow and lacquered black matte
Oil-damped unipivot
Mass: 31.4oz / 890g (+armboard 4.9oz / 140g)
VTA mass: 7.9oz / 225g
Effective length: 12” / 304.8mm
Mounting distance: 11.5” / 291mm
Effective mass: 0.46oz / 13g
Silver mono-crystal internal cabling from Albedo Silver Cables

The KV12 tonearm is a unipivot design with a unique first ever made aramid fibres wand. This very light, stiff and resistant to resonances material is also very well known for its durability which makes it ideal for use in the production of the KV12 conical tube. Reflecting the philosophy of the J.Sikora,
the combination of materials such as aluminum, bronze, cast iron and steel provides excellent vibration control and tonearm stability.

J.Sikora Turntables

J. Sikora Turntables began producing and selling turntables in 2007.
Our founder, Janusz Sikora, was one of the pillars behind
Burdjak & Sikora, producer of superior vacuum-tube
amplifiers. Our turntables are produced one at a time; they
are addressed to true music lovers and audiophiles who, like
us, seek uncompromised analog sources.
Together with the finest-quality tonearms, cartridges, and
phonostages, our distinctive turntables enable perfect
audio playback and the best possible realization of the
musical potential hidden in every vinyl record.

We welcome you to a place where metallurgy,
industrial design, and hands-on craftsmanship
meet sonic purity and musicality. We welcome
you to our world, the world of J. Sikora.



J.Sikora Reference Turntable

J.Sikora Standard Max Line

Janusz Sikora - Founder of J.Sikora

Janusz Sikora comes from a modest background in Poland but his destiny was always going to involve audio. Throughout his life, he has gained an outstanding level of knowledge regarding all things Audio, but his background is highly varied too.

He started in engineering and with his deep passion for audio never going away, his combinations of understanding metal naturally led to him create things from it. Janusz has stated that it is his life’s passion to construct beautiful-looking turntables that do their best to capture the true original essence of the playback or recording.

When asked about how he learned to build his turntables in an interview with Notable Audio, Sikora notes that:
“Experience and knowledge of materials in the field of non-ferrous metals allowed me to build my first turntables. Tonearms is a consistent next step…”
In the very same interview, Sikora comments on the fact that when he bought his very first turntable, he was extremely disappointed. He looked at it over and over again before taking it apart and burning the wooden elements on the fire.

It made sense that Metal would work as a hardy and durable material, and it tends to keep its shape over time which would reduce the lack of noise distortion possible (when compared with wooden turntable elements).

Once Sikora had made this connection, he stated that it was a matter of trial and error from then onwards. Testing out different metals to see the effect they had on sound or the lack of effect.

After removing all the elements he knew that would damage the original sound, and finding the right type of metal, J.Sikora finally produced his first turntable. He notes that he has had people interested in his products ever since that day. J.Sikora is of-course an indisputably dedicated music fan, and he likes to split things into two categories: good music, and bad music.

Janusz and the company have been invited to several audio events across the globe in the past few years, and their tables have always gained a lot of attention; we really respect the industrialist attitude that Sikora brings to the audiophile community.

Every audiophile likes to take things apart, reconfigure them, modify them, remove them, and maybe put them back, or replace them possibly.
Well, this is exactly the attitude that Janusz Sikora has. He has a hands-on approach and it is for this reason that his products stand out from the crowd.
It’s no wonder the audiophile community is cheering him on!



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