Classic Audio Hartsfield

Classic Audio Hartsfield

Hartsfield Full Field Coil

The magnificent performance of this front loading corner horn is created by a 15″ low frequency driver coupled to a long exponential horn. Above 800 cps, a 2″ high frequency driver coupled through a unique horn-lens supplies the delicate midrange.

Delicate overtones from 12,500 cps to beyond the upper limits of the audible spectrum are reproduced by a pair of ultra-high frequency bi-radial transducer. The frequency dividing network provides and imperceptible distribution of the audio signal between the low, mid and high frequency reproducers. The finest electronic components are used throughout.

Height 45.75″
Width 45.25″
Depth 25.25″
Depth to wall corner 31.50″
Shipping weight 450 lbs.
Nominal impedance 8 ohms

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