Classic Audio T-1.5 Reference

Classic Audio T-1.5 Reference

T-1.5 Reference

The T-1 system was designed to obtain the finest possible sound without compromise. This system utilizes a field coil to energize its components; it is the “perfect” magnet. All permanent magnets are inferior energy devices. The component array consists of a 18″ low bass woofer, a 15″ mid-bass woofer, a 2″ throat, 4″ diameter “Truextent” BEryllium diaphragm midrange compression driver mounted on a wood “tractrix” horn designed for us exclusively by Dr. Bruce Edgar. And topped off with a beryllium domed super tweeter with extension to 45 kHz.

Each Cabinet contains two woofers. The front-firing woofer is used for fast, articulate upper bass, while the floor-firing woofer is used for true 20Hz low bass extension.

The 2″ throat, beryllium diaphramed midrange driver is capable of clean and articulate musical notes. And coupled to our newly developed horn, can be used from 400cps up to cover the entire range of the human voice.

Finally, the beryllium diaphramed compression driver super-tweeter will add the “air” and “spaciousness” to your musical experience without any fatigue.

The cabinet, which houses all these wonderful components, is designed and reinforced to reduce sonic resonance’s commonly associated with large horn systems. The genuine all wood horn results in clean, rich, natural sound.

Height 48″ + 4″ spike feet
Front width 30 5/8″
Rear width 28 5/8″
Depth 29 3/4″
Shipping Weight 450/350 lbs
Nominal impedance 16 ohms

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