DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core

DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core

Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core

Speaker-room interaction is typically the most important performance-limiting factor of any high-end audio system. Every listening space introduces errors that can be in the magnitude of dozen decibels or even more. These errors are most pronounced at the bass and lower midrange regions, where the classic acoustic treatment loses its effectiveness.

Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core is DSPeaker’s award-winning loudspeaker optimization system capable of perfecting the acoustic performance of any full-range stereo audio system. It is based on our new Anti-Mode 2.0 algorithm which refines the popular Anti-Mode algorithm even further.

Features include:

• New, improved Anti-Mode 2.0 automatic room correction algorithm
• Can be used as a locally clocked high quality jitter-free DAC
• Supports USB audio as well as S/PDIF input/output via optical toslink
• Dual balanced ADCs to deliver the highest level of audio performance that meets the expectations of the most demanding audiophiles
• Dual (one per channel) balanced DACs with jitter free operation (local crystal), oversampling to 6144 kHz, DSP buffering and filtering
• Can be used as a high quality pre-amp with remote controlled volume
• Analog resistor network volume controller to ensure full digital precision
• Extensive sound customization options, including quick house curve design tool, linear-phase full spectrum tilt, several parametric EQs etc
• Supports several sound profiles (e.g. independent ”sweet spots” and/or equalizer settings), quickly switchable with the remote controller
• Friendly graphical user interface, very easy to set-up and operate
• Ability to measure and display room responses on a built-in 262k-color display
• ”Pure digital” mode using S/PDIF input & output: signal is processed in the digital domain all the way (S/PDIF output resolution is independent from input)
• Digital signals are re-aligned for jitter-free operation
• Versatile connectivity: insert Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core between your existing pre-amp and power amplifier or powered speakers or utilize the processor loop or record monitor loop (you need the record monitor function, just record out and record in are not enough) of your integrated amplifier – or use it as a standalone DAC / preamp!
• Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core can be connected to almost every audio system. Please see the connection example page for more information.

2 x RCA inputs
2 x XLR inputs
2 x RCA outputs
2 x XLR outputs
Toslink S/PDIF digital input
Toslink S/PDIF digital output
Microphone jack
12VDC power connector

Technical Specifications

Digital Specifications
DSP Cores:
1 x VS1000 (GUI&USB)
2 x VS8053 IceDragon (Audio)

40-bit, 2-channels

DSP Filters:
Anti-Mode 2.0 Multi-Rate (FIR & IIR)
House Curve filter
Linear-Phase Tilt
Parametric EQs
Adjustable Infrasonic
Adjustable cross-over
Analog specifications (2013 revision)
Dynamic Range: > 108dB
Volume Control Steps: 0.5dB
Input Sensitivity XLR: 3.9/7.9 Vrms, RCA: 2.5/5.0 Vrms
Output Voltage Unbalanced RCA: 7.2 V(RMS) max
Output Voltage Balanced XLR: 14.4 V(RMS) max
ADC: 6.144 MHz oversampling dual per channel
DAC: 6.144 MHz oversampling dual per channel, local clocking, buffering

236 x 55 x 146 mm (9¼ x 2 x 5½ “)

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