J.Sikora Initial Line Turntable

J.Sikora Initial Line Turntable

J.Sikora Turntables



For some time it has been our wish to help a wider range of audio enthusiasts reach the experience that our premium products deliver at a lower price point. Our newest model in the range, the Initial, eventually emerged from this desire.

We reduced the number of materials and overall complexity, whilst maintaining superb performance, significantly reducing the production costs. Additionally, alternative methods of resonance control have been developed, helping us to create a product based on elements of the premium models, which may be a new leader in its price range. The all-important main bearing, motor and controller providing excellent speed stability are all sourced from the upper models.

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Technical specifications

Total weight: 28kg
Platter weight: 4kg
Platter material: derlin
Material: aluminium, inox, cast iron
Bearing type: ceramic ball-inverted
Motor: 1 DC pcs
Belt: rubber
Rotation speed: 33; 45 rpm
No. of tonearms: 1
Armboard: yes
Clamp: optional
Glass mat: optional
Power supply: optional
Dimensions: 440 x 330 x 160 mm

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