Line Magnetic LM-222 Loudspeaker

Line Magnetic LM-222 Loudspeaker

LM-222 Loudspeaker

Line Magnetic’s LM-222 Iconic speaker is a high-efficiency horn speaker. This efficiency of 102dB allows it to be driven by almost any amplifier, specifically suiting lower powered tube amplifiers to produce a natural, warm sound.

Following the concept of the famous Jensen H-222 speaker, Line Magnetic has designed the LM-222 with a 12-inch coaxial driver. This driver is a two way horn coaxial speaker with a high sensitivity. High frequency response is very good and detail obtained from the speaker is extraordinary.

Frequency response:    37Hz~20KHz
Input sensitivity:            102dB
Power:                           30W
Impedance:                   8Ω
Dimensions :                  W 450 x H 750 x D 645 mm
Weight:                          28.5kg

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