Silent Running Audio (SRA) produce the ultimate in high-end audio products which were designed to achieve a sound which provides exceptionally clean musical information. By utilising innovative technology and applying it to component specific design, SRA have developed a product range of custom made platforms and bases which ensure that the sound you hear is as close to perfection as it’s possible to get.

About Silent Running Audio

When it comes to music, silence is golden. To achieve reproduced sound, that is unaffected by distortion of any kind, is what most audio purists strive to achieve. Yet, attaining this goal requires ingenuity and innovation which stretches far beyond the boundaries of mainstream audio product production. SRA expanded the frontiers of audio when they utilized technology which was formulated for the silent running of submarines where stealth, always, is essential.

The component parts of their products take into consideration not only damping encountered by a variety of factors, but also where each system, and the individual situations encountered, will be sited. This ensures that you get a customised technologically advanced product specific to requirements, its environment together with the best audio reproduction possible.


SRA (Silent Running Audio)

SRA have a long list of clients including those who require platforms which require mechanical vibration dampening for exclusive high-end amplifiers costing over $100,000. The technology they use, and which they also supply to the US Navy and Aerospace industry, has been achieved through their Research and Development facility on Long Island, New York. When it comes to audio, perfectionists across the globe know that reducing vibrational distortion is foremost in achieving the best reproduced sound possible, and SRA provide products of exceptional innovation and design which help attain that goal.

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