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Acoustical Systems has pronounced itself as a – “dedicated family business working in a close partnership with a handful of the very best…”
This highly modest statement is representative of the type of company that Acoustical Systems is – an incredibly big player in the market, but never boastful.
Their products speak for themselves, and the company does just fine with very little or no advertising – because every true Audiophile knows who they are!

ABOUT Acoustical Systems

The chief designer of the company has an incredibly deep understanding of sound and analog reproduction, and he has almost four decades of audiophile experience. This has resulted in the company moving forward to produce possibly some of the finest audio equipment available on the planet. Some of these include:
  • AXIOM 12” reference tonearm
  • AQUILAR 10” reference tonearm
  • SMARTractor Alignment Tool
German producers are known for their structural attitudes, their ability for hard work, and their levels of precision and effectiveness. Interestingly, the products that Acoustical Systems have created are not lacking in any of these qualities whatsoever either. Acoustical Systems works in partnership with several specialised companies which include those in the industries of: cnc-tooling/milling, jewel-anodizing, and also fine-mechanics. Acoustical Systems has won awards for Product of the Year 2014 (Tone Audio Magazine), image hifi Award 2016 (For SMARTractor), and the 2019 Rocky Mountain International Hifi Press Awards for Set-up Aids and Tools (For SMARTractor). These are just a few of the many awards that Acoustical Systems has achieved since its conception. We stock both the AXIOM 12” reference tonearm, as well as the AQUILAR 10” reference tonearm. These designs are high-end, and Acoustical Systems goes to an extreme length to guarantee precision and achieve a finite design with an impeccable standard of finish. Many audiophiles regard these as the very best possible tonearms currently available on the market. We also stock the well-reputed alignment tool SMARTractor, also regarded by many audiophiles as the most precise, effective, and advanced alignment tool on the planet.

The very beginnings of Acoustical Systems were born in the year 1998. Back then, the company only consisted of two individuals who were then supplying up to thousands of vintage (NOS) audio tubes to enthusiasts across the globe each year. Skip to 6 years later, and the company had moved forward to design ‘full assault sound-systems’ on their own. They also continued to work with several audiophiles to help them with their individual needs and requirements, this included creating bespoke systems and personalized equipment.

Acoustical Systems very quickly built up a name for themselves within the community. Seemingly, year upon year, Acoustical Systems continued to expand on the services, products, and designs.

By 2009, they had designed an (SDP) – Special Decoupled Platter for turntables, and since its creation, there has been a global demand for it.

Serious Audiophiles know exactly how special and desired SDPs are, and Acoustical Systems claim that every turntable can benefit from its use. It was originally designed for use with the Micro Seiki Skeleton Turntables in 2009, but has been continually upgraded in-house since then.

Since 2010 and onwards, Acoustical Systems has moved towards concentrating on the design and manufacturing process of high-end analog front-end.

Whilst their focus now is mainly on alignment tools and tonearms, they also have an extensive range of cutting-edge audiophile equipment and they continue to design turntables of the highest quality too. All of Acoustical Systems’ products are designed, created, and manufactured in Germany.
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Acoustical Systems






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Acoustical Systems

Dietrich Brakemeier - CED
(Chief Engineering Officer)

Dietrich Brakemeier has almost 40 years of experience in the Audiophile Community and to call him well-reputed would be an understatement. His company has paved the way for others in more ways than any audiophile can ever imagine. Brakemeier is truly an Audiophile Genius; he is the CTO (Chief Technical Officer), or CED (Chief Engineering Officer) for Acoustical Solutions, and he works closely alongside the company’s CEO (Axinia Schaefer).

Brakemeier’s creations are highly extensive and as well as formulating some of the world’s best tonearms and alignment tools, he has created the well-respected ‘Apolyt Turntable’ as well as several others to date. This design (Apolyt) supports many features and also works with the use of suspension to minimize the machine’s heavyweight to a level of 0.5 Hz (this is to reduce any possible external vibrations being captured that might cause distortions on the playback or reproduced sound). It really is quite the machine, and most audiophiles would do anything to try it out! It is clear in his designs that Brakemeier has a highly advanced technical understanding of not only audio equipment, but also a strong grasp of the metaphysical, and finite mechanical interworkings that are needed to create accessories and products like these.

In addition to this, he has also been a writer for a number of Audiophile magazines throughout the years, these include, German High-End Magazine – DAS OHR (1986 -1988), Absolute Sound, USA (1993 – 1995), and HiFi Tunes, Germany (2008 – 2014). Brakemeier has a can-do attitude, and this is clearly apparent with the extreme success that Acoustical Solutions has managed to accumulate. As for his personal life, Brakemeier is a happily married husband and father, and family is of great importance to him. In addition to this, some of his passions that lie outside of the music world include ancient and medieval history, archery, and western philosophy. He has also noted that he has been trained intensely by his family heritage in architecture, static and dynamic mechanical design, and fine wood cabinet making.

Brakemeier also has an extensive record collection and is known for trading in rare records too. According to his Discogs Seller Information, he has sold many hundreds of copies of the record – ‘Carl Orff, Herbert Kegel, Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester Leipzig – Die Kluge”– in LP format. We are certain this isn’t the last we are going to see of Brakemeier and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next!



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