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Silversmith Audio is a name that has grown from strength to strength since its conception in 2000, and it seems as though nothing’s set to change in that department. Their Fidelium speaker and interconnect cables are remarkably well-known by analog audio lovers, both in Indonesia and worldwide.

ABOUT Silversmith Audio – The Cables

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With an incredibly deep understanding of metallurgy and geometry, this is a company that is set to change the cable industry for the better. Silversmith currently offers some of the finest cables on the planet, which are characterised by their truly unique (patented) ribbon design. Every single cable produced by Silversmith employs an exceedingly thin ribbon, or foil conductors, under an approach remarked upon by audiophiles as extraordinary. For interconnects, inside the Teflon tubes, there are two suspended conductors which are held within a singular tube containing a silver-plated copper mesh shield.

Alongside creating an excellent range of cables and other products, they are rather surprisingly set at an extremely competitive price-point too. In the past, this wasn’t the case, but the creator of Silversmith has worked hard to produce cables at a lower cost without compromising on quality.

Over the years, Silversmith Audio has won a plethora of awards as well as receiving several outstanding reviews which include:

• Most Wanted – ‘Editor’s Choice’ Award – Clement Perry/ Stereo Times 2020 (Fidelium Speaker Cable)
• Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Award 2020 – November 2020 (Fidelium Speaker Cable)
• Sound Advocate Review – Frank Peraino – June 2020 (Fidelium Speaker Cable)
• Enjoy The Music Review – Greg Weaver – November 2020 (Fidelium Speaker Cable)

Silversmith cables are designed to be simple, yet remarkable and truly extraordinary. The cables themselves are flat, and wide, and built from a wholly ‘purist’ perspective.

Whilst this is a company that has been around for 20 years, it seems as though their creations have always been outstanding, even from the get-go!

Their very first line of cables were the Silversmith Audio SILVER line, and just two years later in 2002, the PALLADIUM line followed. The PALLADIUM line includes the very same ribbon geometry as the SILVER line and contained the globe’s very first palladium alloy conductor.

According to Silversmith Audio: “With skin effect properties 25 times superior to those of pure silver, PALLADIUM’s state-of-the-art alloy was the audio industry’s most advanced conductor material.”

Since their primary cable lines, Silversmith has worked hard to create the highly popular Fidelium Speaker Cable, which has become world-renowned in just one short year; just take a look below!

The Fidelium Speaker Cable

To celebrate their 20th birthday, Silversmith Audio released their outstanding and truly perfect Fidelium speaker cable last year in 2020. This is certainly a product turning heads within the community, and there have been numerous requests for it since its release.

Inside the cables, you will discover the silver ribbons (high-purity) which are carefully suspended within ultra-thin walls, housed inside a Teflon tube outer casing. They are designed like this to minimise any potential contact, therefore bringing the listener as close as possible to True Sound.

The proprietor alloy is comprised of nitrate copper and silver, and this part of the design is incredibly unique. Silversmith has worked extremely hard on developing this aspect of their cables, and the special alloy used is born from a secret mix which is heavily guarded; in order to provide the very best possible level of transmission.

The result is one of utter authenticity and thus produces a playback so close to perfection, that it is impossible not to notice. The speed of transmission, the correctness of tone, and the presence of texture are all but a few of the extraordinary properties that this magnificent cable can provide.  

At less than one-thousandth of an inch in thickness, this speaker cable performs as though it was even thinner. For a true sonic advantage, any real audiophile is going to want this neat piece of kit. This is a design that has been made to challenge sonic degradation fervently, often being caused by more traditionally shaped connectors (banana and spade).

The FIDELIIUM speaker cable is simple yet elegant. Notched carefully at a .25 width to represent a design that has been inspired by the very form and shape of soundwaves themselves.

The Creator – Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith is an exceptionally well-respected Audiophile whose beginnings interestingly start in the Navy. Having retired over 20 years ago, Jeffrey has successfully created several lines of outstanding cables that are as close to perfect as possible.

This cable mastermind was born in Wyoming, United States, with his studies leading him to complete a Bachelors in Science and Engineering, as well as a Masters in Science. Jeffrey is an individual with a fascinating backstory and it seems as though Sound has forever been a large part of his life.

His first tours with the Navy led him to study the transmission of sound, and Smith has spent a significant amount of time learning and working within the world’s oceans and in turn, their acoustic environment. In his 28 years of service, Jeffrey has completed numerous tours of duty, and he is a highly respected Veteran.

In 1998, after transferring to the Navy Reserve, Jeff was able to dedicate more time to his passions for audio; proceeding to follow his purist ideologies regarding sound. Just two years later in 2000, Silversmith had been founded, and it seems as though Jeff hasn’t looked back since then.



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