Murasakino Sumile MC Phono Cartridge

Sumile A young brand, yet one of the highest quality, Murasakino specialises in the design and manufacture of MC phono cartridges for true audiophiles to appreciate. With products aimed at the highest level of the audiophile marketplace, Murasakino’s Sumile cartridges leave unforgettable impressions on the listener, with astounding pickups that raise the bar and allow an impressive wealth of information to be reproduced by the speaker.


The Murasakino Sumile MC Cartridge

First launched in 2014, Murasaki Co Ltd is a trading company specialising in audio equipment and primarily handling analogue-related products. Having originally been established to import and distribute three audio brands, it began offering its own branded products four years later. .

Murasakino’s mission is to ensure that audio can be reproduced in a way that is multi-layered, spatial, vivid, colourful, and incredibly coherent, enabling the listener to focus on every single element held within the grooves of the disc while delivering explosive dynamics on both the micro and macro levels.

Sumile Murasakino MC Phono Catridges

The Nobala Step up Transformer- SUT

Nobala SUT Setup Transformer
Copper Nobala SUT
Internal SUT Sumile Nobala Step Up Transformer

The Nobala MC Stepup transformer has been designed to be used with low-impedance MC cartridges, working to amplify their weak signals. The cleanliness of the sound produced and the clarity of the auditory sensation make the Nobala transformer a stand-out performer in its market thanks to its three-layer metal plate enclosure for added protection and USA-developed CARDAS terminals for optimal pass-through



Internal SUT Sumile Nobala Step Up Transformer
Internal SUT Sumile Nobala Step Up Transformer

Damping materials control any vibration of the chassis and suppress any sound that could be caused by the metal’s characteristic vibrations, and when paired with Murasakino’s own cartridge, the result is truly spectacular

Murasakino Sumile MC Phono Cartridge

Sumile Murasakino MC Phono Catridges
Sumile MC Phono Cartridge

The brand’s own Sumile cartridge is beautiful to look at and produces an impressive high level of performance. Named after its housing colour – purple – the Murasakino MC cartridge has been designed with a commitment to quality, making it the perfect product. With just a low 1.2-ohm impedance, this MC cartridge ensures optimal output voltage to eliminate the possibility of noise problems.


Sumile MC Phono Cartridge Japanese High End Audio
Sumile Cartridges From Japan
Sumile MC Mono Phono Cartridge from Japan


Thanks to a stainless-steel cartridge base, stability can be assured for the sound quality which is far greater than that produced by standard aluminium cartridge bases. With gold-plating added into the mix, the overall quality of sound is exponentially boosted even higher.

The Creator – Daisuke Asai

The man behind the Murasakino company is Daisuke Asai, a skilled musician who put his own musical knowledge and sensitivity to good use in his development of high-quality audio devices. Having begun his career in the industry at Denon Labs, he went on to work at Air Tight (otherwise known as A&M Ltd). It was here that he gained extensive experience and knowledge as he worked under Mr. Ishiguro’s close supervision.

In 2014, Murasakino was formed, initially dealing with the importation and distribution of carefully selected audio products from three renowned brands. However, this was not sufficient for Mr. Asai, who took the decision to develop a product range of his own in order to enable the world to truly appreciate high quality audio. 

The Sumile MC cartridge was his first development, rapidly followed by the Sumile Mono cartridge and the Nobala step-up transformer He is also now working on a new step-up transformer that he hopes to bring to the market soon.

Despite the relatively small lineup of Murasakino’s range, this young brand has carved a strong niche in the high-level audiophile market and has already earned a reputation for the impressive quality and sound production of its products. The brand is going from strength to strength, and thanks to Mr. Asai’s dedication and expertise in the industry, it can only be supposed that its future products will perform just as well as its existing ones.



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