The Schroeder Tonearm

Any serious Analog Audio fanatic knows who Frank Schroeder is, and if they don’t, then they will certainly know about his range of tonearms.
With a level of demand that could leave vinyl lovers waiting for up to a year for delivery, it’s no wonder these tonearms have made a name for themselves.

ABOUT The Schroeder tonearm

Frank Schroeder makes each and every exquisite tonearm by hand, so whilst it might be a long wait time, it is certainly worth it, and several audio fanatics have placed this particular piece of kit at the very top of their wish list.

Fortunately for vinyl lovers and turntable enthusiasts, we stock Frank’s Reference SQ Model (World-Class & Highly-Reputed), alongside a few other specialist models/products of his.

Many Analog Audio fans in Indonesia, as well as across the globe, have remarked on how truly fantastic this piece of equipment really is, and it could likely be the last tonearm you’ll ever buy – It really is that perfect!

As captured within the tonearm, Frank Schroeder Tonearms has created an entirely new, and rather radical technique that works hard to decrease any possible friction within its captured bearings. The result of this is a level of friction that is minimized to the very lowest level possible. With the wand itself being comprised of multi-layered carbon fibre; there is currently no other tonearm quite like it to be found anywhere else in the world!

Throughout the design is an incorporated constrained layer that influences dampening, with the use of material transitions that tune as well as separate sources (isolating any mechanical movement). The final result of these features means that the likelihood of producing a sonic fingerprint to your system (via the wand) is almost impossible – No wonder there is such a long waiting list!

Frank Schroeder Tonearms
Frank Schroeder Tonearms

Frank Schroeder Tonearms – Reference SQ Model

Frank Schroeder Tonearms
Frank Schroeder Reference SQ

Every single Schroeder Tonearms Reference SQ has been realised, as well as created via a deep experience of sound that spans almost three decades. Over this period, the design for the Reference Tonearm has been continually advanced and adapted, which of-course includes Schröeder’s unique, (patented) magnetic bearing design too.

Unlike other Tonearm producers, every unit is created part by part to your specifications, by Frank (the man himself). Although you’ll have to wait a while, if you wish to do so, you can communicate with Frank about every single tiny detail; to create a tonearm designed specifically for you. This also includes any particular type of optimization to suit your cartridge needs!

With a focus on the Schroeder Tonearms Reference SQ Model, we’ve created a list of several special features found within this unique and well-reputed tonearm:

• Central Bearing Tower (Comprised of Wood and Bronze)
• Bearing Geometry Set In Neutral Balance
• Nordost Valhalla Wiring (Cryogenically Tested For Precision)
• RCA Clips (Pure Silver)
• Cartridge Clips (Pure Silver)
• Vertical Tracking Angle (Fine Tuned To Perfection)

The attention to detail included within this tonearm is incredibly impressive. Frank clearly displays his understanding of physics throughout his products, and the result is one that is meticulous, precise, and always crafted to perfection.

With a sound produced unlike any other, the use of this piece of kit can certainly transform any piece of music. This is a product that opens the doors to a new understanding of sound quality, and it efficiently creates an outstanding naturalness to the quality of the playback.

The Creator – Frank Schröeder

Frank Schröeder is an exceptionally genuine individual, his training as a watchmaker is apparent throughout his inventions; with an approach to creation that is always undertaken carefully with attention to the most finite of details.

This audiophile mastermind is extremely intelligent, and alongside being an avid audio obsessive, he has a number of areas of interest in his personal life. A great lover of cactuses, and nature in general, Frank is a highly modest individual and this is clearly displayed on his website; with little need to boast or self-promote, his creations certainly speak for themselves.

Frank has in fact been manufacturing tonearms for over twenty years now and is currently based in Berlin (his home-town). Interestingly, he produced his very first tonearm at the meagre age of 14.

By 1999, 17-year-old Frank had already been initiated into the world of high-end Analog Audio, and he sold his very first tonearm at a (High-End) event in Frankfurt. Ever since this legendary event, which in the following years re-located to Munich, Frank has been creating and making tonearms for audiophiles and enthusiasts.

Whilst it might take a long time for one of Frank’s products to reach you, you will certainly not be disappointed, and many audiophiles have remarked that the Reference SQ Model is possibly the greatest tonearm they have ever encountered.



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