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Glanz Tonearms

Glanzs Tonearms are pioneers when it comes to tonearms. They have carefully curated their design to be finitely delicate, and the pieces are built from several intricately curved lines that are well-balanced to provide exquisite and perfect sounds.

It has been remarked upon by many that the use of Glanz Tonearms can allow you to truly experience “pure and original sound” at its finest, with no experience of distortion.
This design has come to fruition after years of hard work spent in order to achieve just one goal; to develop the very finest audio tonearms currently available for the industry.

ABOUT Glanz Tonearms

Glanz Tonearms produces four-bearing pivoted tonearms, and they have released several versions of these over the past few years. The quality is continually being updated with models that only seem to get better upon each release.

Glanz Tonearms is highly invested in solving sound quality issues and distortions, as well as working hard to create playbacks that are of pristine quality; they are an audio tech company with an incredibly deep and advanced understanding of sound.

Tonearms can have a highly influential effect on the reproduction of sound. For the tonearm, if the measurements, weight, and integrality with the cartridge are not closely monitored and respected, this can result in vibrations being held within the tonearm. In turn, this can cause sound loss and diminished quality of the specific playback or desire reproduced sound.

With decades of experience, the designers at Glanz Tonearms have got to work at formulating a piece that functions perfectly to avoid or remove the ability for distortion, sound loss, or fractures to occur. It is the ultimate search for ‘original and pure sound’!

Richard Mak himself, known as the founder of Analog Magik, with his deep understanding of tonearms, cartridges, and turntables, has stated that Glanz tonearms are marginally better when compared with the well-known Fidelity Research FR66 Tonearms.

Glanz Tonearms is somewhat of a competitor against the Fidelity Research FR66 Tonearms. But with Glanz Tonearm being backed by almost every well-respected audiophile in the industry, it’s no doubt that their product is one of the finest there is on the market.

Their designs have come from years of audio and cartridge mastery, and it’s no wonder that they have a good reputation amongst budding audiophiles.
There are some discussions about which cartridges are best used with Glanz Tonearms, and the designers would suggest using SPU cartridges, as the tonearms have been built with a preference for them.

You can however opt to use other cartridges, and others that are recommended for use with Glanz Tonearms are those of the Phasmation PP-1000 or Goldfinger Statement (Recommended by Richard Mak).Tech

Glanz Tonearms

GlanZs A legendary brand is reborn

Glanz Tonearms is a brand that has been producing tonearm and cartridge masterpieces for many years, and has been adored by audio lovers for a very long time. Their ultimate Glanz tonearm, constructed with the technical skill of a craftsman deeply versed in the characteristics of materials, is now able to bring you the to the pinnacle of original “pure” sound. THE GLANZ, manufactured with strict guidelines, is the absolute front runner, able to demonstrate the true value of analogue audio. The story of its revival can now be told.

Glanz Tonearms Japanese Tonearms

Glanzs - MH-94S, 104S, 124S

The ultimate tonearm that demonstrates the true value of analogue audio

Glanz Tonearms

Features: Glanz Tonearms

  • Cartridges can be plugged in, which allows various cartridges to be utilised.
  • To eliminate reverberating sound, we do not use springs. (Springs create an echo).
  • We have blocked out reverberating sound with a powerful vibration absorbing structure inside the arm pipe and other structures.
  • Various parts are connected across the surface, not just at points. The four fulcrums that support the sound quality are supported by four large bearings. In particular, the lower bearing in the direction of the vertical axis utilises high precision thrust bearings; it has a strut structure that allows heavy arms to move with high sensitivity.
  • Inside force canceller is detachable
  • The headshell structure is integrated with the plug section, enabling the sound to rise well, resulting in crisp sound quality.
  • There are several layers of vibration absorbing structure around the weight, delivering a clear, deep sound quality with little lingering sound.
Glanz Tonearms

Glanz - MH-124S Premium

​The “Jewel in the Crown” – the “premium” highest-grade model, acknowledged as delivering the most trusted performance

Features: GLANZ Premium Tonearm 

  • In pursuit of the ultimate tone arm for further enhanced performance, we have introduced features that take you beyond the S model, as follows:
  • Approximately 30 parts are coated in DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) – the sound rise is outstanding.
  • With the addition of carbon fibre to the arm pipe, even more powerful vibration prevention measures are applied
  • Furthermore, the arm pipe uses a thin silver wire of low resistance, and silk roll is used for the coating of the flow line, ultimately damping it with vibration proof materials
  • Around the weight, a quadruple damper system using different materials has been adopted, and vibration absorption is achieved over a wide range.


Glanz Tonearms

Masataka Hamada San - CEO of GlanzS

Masataka Hamada San is a well-respected audio official around the world and especially in Japan. His knowledge has stretched across decades, and it is ultimately his life experience that has resulted in the tonearms that are produced by Glanz today. In a way, the conception of this finitely detailed product began with Hamada San in 1953. Back then, he was working for Mitatchi (Acoustics), and he was focused on designing moving-magnet cartridges. He managed to obtain a special license from Mitatchi, and thus Glanz Tech as it is known now was born. The name Glanz was a homage to the company that nurtured Hamada San’s first experiences of audio, and they ultimately led him to where he is today.

In 1953, Hamada San began designing the first of many tonearms, and his unique design is well-known across the world today. Masataka Hamada San, who is over 70 years old now has stated that he has been interested and deeply involved in sound for over half a century. He also mentions that he is not very good with words and that he is an engineer, not a writer. There is little known about Masataka Hamada San’s personal life and whilst he has had a great impact on the audio industry, it seems as though he is a little bit of a mystery. His goal in his work is to face up to issues and possibilities of distortion that might arise, and that it is only when we continue the true pursuit ‘for pure and original sound’ can we believe that we are making real progress. In many ways, Hamada San is a deep and philosophical individual. His great understanding of audio has developed over several decades and he has a true grasp of what sound is and what it means, which is very impressive. He has witnessed many of the most important movements in the evolution of sound which include the evolution of music, the way it is produced, and much more. The finite detail and precise calculations that Glanz have achieved with their tonearms must be due in large part to a combination of Hamada San’s deeply rooted and extensive skills, with more modern technology forms, new materials, and modern knowledge, etc…

It is not to say that Hamada San has not had an involvement in the recent tonearm designs, rather that they have been born from his conceptions, and that he is currently also aided by more modern advancements within Glanz Tech.



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