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Analog Magik was born out of a need to simplify cartridge calibration management. The designers of this cutting-edge piece of software have created an extensive range of features, which several audiophiles across the globe are highly thankful for. This new form of software took approximately 6 years to develop and it has been highly welcomed within the audio industry!

ABOUT Analog Magik

Analog Magik has successfully developed a scientific approach to understanding, maintaining, and managing set up parameters. Some of these include:
  • Azimuth
  • Vertical Tracking Angle
  • Vertical Tracking Force
  • Anti-skating

Upon the discovery that set-up parameters are highly interrelated, Analog Magik’s software functions by creating a unified approach to setting them, rather than doing so individually. This will allow for recorded signals to be delivered with the lowest possible level of distortion.

The software is a much-welcomed addition to those wishing to make cartridge calibration management easier, more effective, more accurate, and of a higher quality.

Analog Magik has also won awards for the 2018 Award For Innovation by AudioHub, and the 2019 Japan Audio Accessory Magazine – Audio Excellence Award (Best Vinyl Accessories).

The software itself is Windows-based, and it was designed by the likes of Richard.H.Mak as well as several other engineers from across the globe. Analog Magik is based on a proven and repeatable scientific method and it can work to successfully calibrate each cartridge setup parameter with just one piece of software. The full list of these parameters include:
  • Turntable Speed
  • Azimuth
  • Vertical Tracking Angle / Stylus Raking Angle
  • Anti-Skating
  • Optimizing Phono Stage Loading
  • Optimizing Phono Stage Gain Setting
  • Vertical Tracking Force
  • Measuring Vibrations
  • Determining Resonance Frequencies
  • AES Wow & Flutter

By following the steps mentioned above, your analog cartridge will be setup up accurately and this will provide you with the best quality sound and playback possible.

It is effectively an ALL-IN-ONE piece of software and it’s certainly taking the audio industry by storm!
Analog Magik Kalibrasi Turntable
Analog Magik Turntable Calibration

AnalogMagik Products

Richard H Mak

Richard H Mak is a genuine character, and his love for music as well as playing LPs has driven him to conjure up this new type of ground-breaking software, alongside a team of dedicated global engineers.

Whilst Richard Mak is an investor and works in the financial sector as a manager, his love of audio has driven him to great lengths. Richard knows an extensive amount of information regarding tonearms, cartridges, and anything to do with Turntables. He is a highly knowledgeable individual and he’s certainly changing the audio scene for the better. Richard Mak first started a blog in 2004, and this allowed him to meet with fellow audiophiles from across the globe.

The blog was a big success and Richard preceded to make a name for himself within the industry, moving forward to write several audio articles for magazines and related news sites.

According to Richard, in an interview made with Mono & Stereo, within a period of just five or six years, he had set up over two thousand turntables for other people. He claims that he found himself lugging around containers and boxes in order to complete all the necessary LP setup checks and tests needed for an accurate and high-quality result.

It was this reason that drove Richard to the concept behind Analog Magik, he then successfully turned his audio knowledge, ideas, and management skills in one direction.

According to Richard, an ALL-IN-ONE software was needed and he wanted to be the one to help design it. It was in 2010 that Richard then preceded to join a large engineering team to learn and experiment with various types of tools and software functionalities. It took 6 years of development and a team of experts from across the globe to come to completion.

Richard knew upon its conception that Analog Magik would need a range of heads to pull the project together. For these reasons, the team’s skillsets were highly variable from the get-go.

Some of the skilled industries included in the progression and completion of the software included: aerospace, automotive, mechanical, electrical, engineer, and many more. Aside from his professional achievements, Richard Mak is known for being extremely kind, friendly, highly knowledgeable, and an incredibly generous person. He has a rich social life and often hosts parties in his private studio, with a setup that will leave most audiophiles speechless. Richard has a collection of over 10,000 LPs and that’s set to keep growing.

He is seen as somewhat of a genius, considering that his main profession is within the financial sector. A CEO, an investment manager, a software designer, and a genuinely nice guy, it seems as though Richard’s good qualities are never-ending. We are certain this is not the last we are going to see of him, and we are excited for what he has in store for us next!



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