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Audiophile Indonesia - High End Audio

About Phantom Audio Indonesia

Phantom-Audio are sound and design specialists with over 40 years of technical expertise in audio and visual installations. In addition to handling distribution of high end & Professional audio systems across Indonesia High End Audio Community, we also provide an exclusive boutique service to individual customers on a personal project basis.

As a provider of quality and designer home theatre systems and installations of top-end entertainment technology, our designers and engineers have worked with some world renown names in film production, music, broadcasting and sound studios. Their reputation is second to none and consistently aims for superior design, construction, visual and auditory impact whether for home, office or business use.

Our team manages design, integration, building and construction of all listening room and acoustical projects to ensure you receive the very best end-to-end service.

Whether you are looking for custom design of a business environment, residential listening accommodation, personal production studio or a distinct home cinema space, Phantom-Audio will use their extensive expertise of integrated installations to ensure your system enhances not only your entertainment experience but also your environment.

Audiophile Indonesia
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Audiophile Indonesia High End Audio

Our Indonesian distribution system ensures efficient ordering and delivery of technological audio and visual equipment which is not only of superior quality, but also sleek,sophisticated and designed to integrate with any modern home or office. Our speakers are created to be as aesthetic pleasing as possible in addition to proving superlative quality and sound resulting in an enthralling acoustic experience.

Phantom-Audio’s home cinema systems use the latest Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro 3D formats which can all be supplied in combination with imported acoustic materials, building and interior design together with integrated speaker design and placement.

Contact Phantom-Audio today to discuss high-end Indonesian home theatre constructions and the very best in audio and visual technology systems for residential or professional use.

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Phantom Audio Indonesia
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