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JC Verdier  has proclaimed itself as ‘a craftsman company, maintaining traditional methods of work, from conception to production…’

For Vinyl Lovers, Jean Verdier (founder of JC Verdier) is often regarded as one of the greatest audio pioneers to have graced the globe. His deeply ingrained understanding of sound is clearly apparent throughout the product range, and his approach to a magnetic platter is so unique that it has never been successfully replicated.

About JC Verdier – The Beginnings

JC Verdier began in September 1972, titled then under the name ‘Laboratoires Verdier’ – (after their creator Jean Verdier). What started out within the family home quickly developed into a small company, and within a very short space of time, Jean started to manufacture speakers for retailers in Paris.

As well as making speakers, Jean continued to work on developing his very first tube amplifier which was titled ‘JCV’.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, and Jean began creating solid-state amplifiers instead, which were at the time more prevalent on the audiophile market.

During the early 1980s, the Hi-Fi business grew rapidly, which meant that several Japanese Manufacturers were now becoming the top leaders of the market. Whilst “Made in France” audio equipment became less reputed, ‘Laboratoires Verdier’ proceeded to turn its hand to making more specialised products.

With all the changes that were occurring in the industry, Verdier moved on to producing ‘instant start turntables’ for the company Dynacord; as a response to the need for equipment by radio stations and discotheques. Interestingly, this is also about the same time that the first Platine Verdier was conceived. The ‘Platine Verdier’ seemingly took the audiophile community by storm, with the popularity for this non-standard, high-performance, and incredibly heavy device growing from strength to strength.

Laboratoires Verdier then started to create a name for itself within the community, and by the ’90s, the company was producing a range of amplifiers and High-End Turntables.
JC Verdier La Platine
JC Verdier La Platine


JC Verdier La Platine The Queen
JC Verdier La Platine The Queen
La Platine Turntable
JC Verdier La Platine Turntable

Within the audiophile community, the La Platine Turntable is continually observed as being one of the very finest on the planet. Since its initial conception, there have been two further versions created, including La Nouvelle Platine, and La Platine Magnum – but to any serious Vinyl Lover, getting the original is the real dream.

Fortunately for analog audiophiles, we supply the greatly sought-after and legendary, La Platine Turntable.

Hosting a unique magnetic bearing system, weighted platter, and an individualized motor drive system, the La Platine is a work of art, and certainly a masterpiece of engineering in its own right. The base for the turntable is comprised of a hollow metacrylic plinth, with three sprung feet to support it. Everything about La Platine is made with precision, with the sprung feet working to support the 3 diaphragms that house the top plate. Perfectly balanced and measured to perfection, the diaphragms use a method of air dampening, which in turn, produces compensation for any possible downward pressure on the deck.

Comprised of high-grade aluminum, the platter weighs 18kg, making it an extremely heavy piece of kit. The only part of the Turntable that rotates, is in fact the platter itself. JC Verdier has certainly mastered the art of magnetic suspension here, and this has resulted in a clarity of sound that is almost totally isolated from any mechanical disturbances whatsoever.

This is a company whose results are always of finite precision, impeccable design, and completed with an excellent standard of finish. None of the tools or apparatus used throughout the production process are particularly complex, on the contrary, JC Verdier aims for simplicity, with the ability to execute perfectly on every occasion!


JC Verdier La Platine Turntable
JC Verdier La Platine Turntable
JC Verdier La Platine Turntable
JC Verdier La Platine Turntable

The Man Himself - Jean Verdier

Jean Verdier was born in 1938, in Epinay Sur Seine, France. Interestingly, it was only when he became a teenager that he finally discovered his passion for electrics and radio.

Jean continued to spend his free time tinkering with electrics and radio-sets, and was finally accepted to ENREA (a famous electronics school located in France); proceeding to complete his Engineering Diploma in 1958. In 1962, Jean joined the society ERA (Acoustical Study & Research Company). At the time, the company was very new, and the Hi-Fi market was positively booming. Whilst the company was set-up by several wealthy businessmen, Jean Verdier was the only person with technical and acoustical knowledge; he was likely the brains of the operation!

Just one year later, and in 1963, Jean Verdier produced his very first turntable for ERA; the primary version of the MK1. He then continued to work for the company for ten more years as a technical manager.

Some of the products he was responsible for inventing during this period included the:
  • Bloc Source Turntable
  • 444 Turntable – (all models)
  • MK1 Turntable – (all models)

By 1972, Jean Verdier had left ERA, which had unfortunately been sold to DLM. During the very same year, he set up Laboratories Verdier, which is now titled under the name we are familiar with, JC Verdier. Whilst the man himself sadly passed away in 2014, his wife and son continue to successfully run the business to this day, by using the very same methods set out by Jean Verdier – A true audio mastermind, if there ever was one!



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