Classic Audio Loudspeakers not only provide craftsman standard cabinet designs but the exceptional audio is emotive, intense and evocative. This superlative sound is achieved after John Wolff developed innovative technology based on traditional concepts.

About Classic Audio Loudspeakers

Classic Audio Loudspeakers is the inspiration of John Wolff inspired by his passion to create speakers which have the same presence and capacity of those created in the 1950s by companies such as JBL. The JBL Hartfield Speaker, which was discontinued in the 1960s, was the main thrust behind his motivation to build speakers combining aesthetic elegance with exceptional sound.

John recognised that using field coil drivers in his speakers would bring a greater sense of dynamics, speed and emotions to the listener. In the end he achieved his aim, not only by building speakers which incorporated field coil compression drivers, but also designed one using beryllium diaphragms.

T 1.5 Reference Field Coil


The T-1.5 reference is the culmination of over 100 years of horn technology. Horns ruled sound reproduction until the late 1950’s. Large amplifiers replaced the need for efficient loudspeakers.

The T-1 system was designed to obtain the finest possible sound without compromise.

This system utilizes a field coil to energize its component; it is the “perfect” magnet. All permanent magnets are inferior energy devices. The component array consists of a 18″ low bass woofer, a 15″ mid-bass woofer, a 2″ throat, 4″ diameter “truextent” Beryllium diaphragm midrange compression driver mounted on a wood “tractrix” horn designed for us exclusively by Dr. Bruce Edgar. And topped off with a beryllium domed super tweeter with extension to 45 khz.

T 3.4 Project (Field Coil Options Available)


The T-3.4 project follows our T-1 loudspeaker which was introduced in 1998. The T-3 follows the no compromise building quality of the T-1.

The T-3 system was designed to obtain the finest possible sound from this relatively small enclosure.

The T-3 contains the same high quality components that have made the T-1 truly reference quality system.

For the first time an all wood 300 HTZ radial tractrix horn is employed to optimized our new beryllium fitted compression driver.

T5 Standard Permanent Magnet

T-5 standard permanent magnet

T-5 with three-way loudspeaker systems are built with the finest components available today. the component consist of Alnico and cobalt magnets, carbon filter cones and Beryllium diaphrams with 8 and 16 ohm assemblies, resulting in the lowest distortion and the lowest coloration of any horn loudspeaker system EVER.

The cabinet, which houses all these wonderful components, is designed and reinforced to reduce sonic resonances commonly associated with large horn assemblies.

Decades of musical pleasure await the purchaser of this system.

T7 Project


The T7 tower is a new addition to the Classic Audio Loudspeaker lineup to provide a single point source speaker that gives outstanding imaging smaller listening rooms. Designed by Sam Saye, our chief design and application engineer, in 2009, the 8 inch extended range speaker continues the field coil excitation concept and the horn application is now the cabinet. This “little big horn” is a rear loaded 100 Hz quarter wave horn that brings up the lower end to match the output of the speaker above 100 Hz. A special cavity tuned transmission line give additional support below the cutoff of the horn. A smooth roll off allows additional bass down to 20 Hz without overloading the speaker.

Classic Audio Classic Line: Hartsfield Full Field Coil

classic line : hartsfield full field coil

The magnificent performance of this front loading corner horn is created by a 15″ low frequency driver coupled to a long exponential horn. Above 800 cps, a 2″ high frequency driver coupled through a unique horn-lens supplies the delicate midrange.¬†

Delicate overtones from 12,500 cps to beyond the upper limits of the audible spectrun are reproduced by a pair of ultra-high frequency bi-radial transducer. The frequency dividing network provides and imperceptible distribution of the audio signal between the low, mid and high frequency reproducers. The finest electronic components are used throughout.

John Wolff

Thirty years on, John Wolff and Classic Audio Loudspeakers, are renown not only for supplying high-end audiophile speakers which combine compelling, room-filling sound with exquisite cabinet design, but he has also made his name as an innovator in the world of audio speaker technology.
Now, when you invest in Classic Audio Loudspeaker systems, you can rest assured that the sound you hear when the system is first installed will be as intense and emotionally provocative in years to come.

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