Goldenberg Audio Phono Cartridges

Goldenberg is yet another outstanding brainchild from the well-known audiophile genius, Micha Huber.
According to Goldenberg, the significance of the name is taken from ‘Golden’, meaning ‘made of Gold’ (Swiss-German), and ‘Berg’, translating to ‘mountain’ (German).
Watchmaking in Switzerland began around 200 years ago. In the long winters, the poorer members of the community would work on watches. Situated in the lonely yet beautiful mountains, several famous watchmakers were in fact born within these picturesque valleys. Goldenberg Cartridges are highly sought after by the european audiophile community.


About Goldenberg Audio

Whilst Micha Huber (CEO of Goldenberg) has recently patented his monobloc-ceramic-transducer technology to create cartridges for HiFiction, Goldenberg’s cartridges are made in a more traditional manner.

Huber has sought to create high-class cartridges for a range of markets here. Goldenberg’s cartridges are therefore more affordable, and there is an extreme level of interest for them within the audiophile community in Indonesia.

Considering that the creators of Goldenberg’s range are behind a unique and highly appraised new form of technology, as well as being the producers of the popular ‘Thales Tonearms’, it’s no surprise that vinyl lovers across the globe are turning to Goldenberg for specialist, inexpensive and high-class cartridges.

This is a notion that Goldenberg strives hard to follow, making use of age-old and extraordinary techniques, Goldenberg continues to assemble their cartridges piece by piece, with care and precision, as well as by hand.

Alongside the many engineers and mechanical experts, a professionally trainer watchmaker also keeps an eye on the manufacturing process in Goldenberg’s glorious alpine studio.

Goldenberg Phono Cartridges

The Technology

The creators behind Goldenberg have invested time and energy into perfecting their moving-coil generator. It is therefore fully integrated into a complex yet exquisitely formed unit (the carrier). Alongside this, the magnet-circuit, as well as the transducer have been designed to produce a sensible output voltage (contributing to low self-impedence).

Each and every model is composed carefully and is comprised of a precise yet detailed diamond/cantilever combo. This matched up with the structure’s material allows for highly impressive sound playback and one that is harmonic as well as unified.

Luckily, for audiophiles and vinyl fanatics in Indonesia (and across the globe), at Phantom Audio, we stock all three of Goldenberg’s pristine cartridges…

The manufactory

Goldenberg Classic

‘The Classic’ has been designed to perfection, and sometimes you just can’t beat the original! This cartridge is balanced and pleasurable. It provides a musical performance that is detailed yet highly open, clear, and extremely well-received. Featuring an elliptical diamond set neatly on a highly rigid ‘boron cantilever’ that is well integrated into black coated aluminium for the structure. It is housed within a bronze coloured three-dimensional casing.

Goldenberg Brilliant

Goldenberg Phono Cartridges
For those after the finer details, ‘The Brilliant’ is going to allow vinyl lovers a whole new sound experience. It features a Micro-Ridge stylus tip set neatly on a ‘boron cantilever’ that is well integrated into a black coated aluminium structure. It is then housed within a pure rhodium three-dimensional casing.

Goldenberg Maestro

Goldenberg Phono Cartridges

According to Goldenberg, ‘The Maestro’ will: ‘take you one step ahead in analogue tracking technology’. Micha Huber and the makers behind Goldenberg have several years of experience in material sciences and how they influence the reproduction of sound. Therefore, in this model, the MC-generator also features a Micro-Ridge stylus tip, but this time it is set on a highly rigid ‘Sapphire cantilever’. It is then integrated into a ruthenium coated bronze structure (extra-heavy) which is housed within a pure gold-coated three-dimensional casing.

Whilst the Goldernburg line is more cost-effective, it still does well to maintain a high level of perfected ‘Swiss Quality’, and the products are finite, precise, and built from a deep understanding of tools and techniques.

The Creator - Micha Huber

Huber’s background is in the Swiss watch and machine industry. He worked for around 5 years with the likes of Andreas Strehler (and others) developing different types of watch movements. In his experience, he has built several well-known ‘watch movements’ part by part, some of which include:

  • Moser & Cie Cal 321/341/342
  • Harry Winston “Opus 7”
  • Maurice Lacroix “Le Chronographe

After leaving the watchmaking industry, he decided to focus on developing tonearms. With a great interest in tonearms, since as early as around 17 years old. Huber’s goal was clear, he wanted to create a tangential tracking pivoted arm, and that’s how the ‘Thales Tonearm’ was born! His main innovation here was that he used a triangle-based geometry, as opposed to tetragon.

Since the success of his tonearms, CEO of HiFiction and Goldenberg, Micha Huber, has continued to create his own patented technology (monobloc-ceramic-transducer technology) and various other excellent cartridges and products.

This is certainly an audiophile to keep your eye on. He knows exactly what he’s doing, and we’re certain that the very best is still yet to come!



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