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Allnic Audio manufactures award-winning audio products that aim to give listeners an unhindered connection to the music. Its own proprietary technologies have been brought together to ensure a crystal-clear listening experience with Zero-Loss technology that eliminates signal loss for impressive clarity of sound. However, ore than anything else, Allnic Audio is best known for its outstanding phono stages that have outclassed countless others worldwide, even those that are far more costly.

Allnic Audio Preamplifiers

Allnic Audio’s range of preamplifiers are designed for dynamic operation, using Permalloy in the manufacture of its transformer cores for outstanding quality.

. Incredible resolution and clarity come as standard, ensuring that both vocal and instrument tones are incredibly lifelike. With soft-start circuitry to protect the lifespan of the tube and minimise performance issues, Annic Audio’s preamplifiers boast low distortion output for the best possible sound.

All Audio Phono Stage

Allnic Audio Power Amplifiers

All Audio Phono Stage

With transformer cores of Permalloy construction, Allnic Audio’s power amplifiers ensure high power output with optimally low distortion. An over-sized nickel core guarantees no magnetic saturation even at a higher current level, while the high output fixed bias eliminates the need for cathode resistors as well as the heat production associated with them.

Allnic Audio Integrated Amplifiers

All Audio Phono Stage

Boasting real power drive and soft-start circuitry for a prolonged tube lifespan and minimal performance issues, Allnic Audio’s integrated amplifiers have Permalloy transformer cores and ensure natural negative feedback so no single-ended sound quality is lost due to the high damping factor. All of Allnic Audio’s integrated amplifier models use over-sized output transformers for fewer windings and higher inductance, resulting in an impressively wide output frequency range.

Allnic Audio Speaker Cables

Allnic Audio’s speaker cables are designed to use the brand’s own patented double-bladed spade termination to ensure that no loosening will occur for many years. Zero Loss technology is paired with 1000 degree Celsius hot meld welding of the wire and cable terminations so that absolutely no sound quality will be lost.

 Wire resistance, contact resistance, and linkage resistance are all minimised to eliminate any loss of audio cable signal, while permanent and strong contact pressure is maintained at all times to minimise contact loss.

Allnic Audio Analogues

Allnic Audio’s analogues range perfectly complements the brand’s other product lines to ensure the best possible sound production quality together with ultra-high performance. Zero negative feedback designs couple with low noise dynamics to delight any audiophile.


Allnic Audio is glad to introduce a new thrilling MC cartridge, Amber, overwhelmingly surpassing the Puritas Ultra. Amber is guaranteed  not to displease any LP lovers.

  • Cutter head type MC cartridge
  • A new rubber damper developed by Allnic
  • New CCA (Copper Clad Aluminium) dual coils
  • Fritz Gyger S Stylus
  • Solid Boron cantilever


Allnic Audio is glad to introduce a new thrilling MC cartridge, Rose, overwhelmingly surpassing the Puritas . Rose is guaranteed  not to displease any LP lovers.

  • Cutter head type MC cartridge
  •  A new rubber damper developed by Allnic Audio
  • New CCA (Copper Clad Aluminium) dual coils
  • Fritz Gyger 2 Stylus
  • Aluminium cantilever

The Creator – Kang Su Park

As a talented audio engineer as well as the founder and leader of Allnic Audio, Kang Su Park has built tube amps ever since childhood, having learnt from his brother. Initially, he started out designing and making high-quality, innovative vacuum tube amplification, having founded Silvaweld, his own company, but eventually, he went on to set up Allnic Audio in 1994.

Arguably, Kang Su Park is one of the most pioneering and talented tube designers, and has been said to rank among the top three specialists in his field. His passion for what he does shines through every product that Allnic Audio creates, and his love of music, paired of course, with his impressive technical skill, have led to the brand becoming synonymous with quality and performance in the world of music reproduction.

Almost three decades later, the company continues to thrive and its product range comprises all aspects of home music reproduction, from step-up transformers to phono cartridges, and, of course, his infamous tube phono stages that have been received to worldwide acclaim. Many world firsts have been introduced by this company, and its innovative approach to music reproduction has led to it being a stand-out in its field.



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