J.Sikora Standard Line Turntable

J.Sikora Standard Line Turntable

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Our design goals for this outstanding turntable were: maximum rigidity, minimal resonance, minimal vibrations
and the highest achievable level of rotational stability.

We eventually accomplished this with the use of no less than five different and carefully tuned materials forming a sandwich arrangement. Rotational stability is regulated by a very advanced motor control circuit (DC/PAPST) and any remaining irregularities were largely eliminated by the use of two diametrically opposed motors.
This superb turntable may be used with a wide range of tonearms.

Technical specifications

Total weight: 80kg
Platter weight: 18kg
Platter material: derlin and cast iron
Material: aluminium, brass, copper, inox, bronze
Bearing type: ceramic ball-inverted
Motor: 2 DC kg
Belt: rubber
Rotation speed: 33; 45 rpm
No. of tonearms: 1 (+1 optional)
Armboard: yes
Clamp: yes
Glass mat: yes
Power supply: yes
Dimensions: 620 x 350 x 400 mm

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