J.Sikora Standard Max Line Turntable

J.Sikora Standard Max Line Turntable

J.Sikora Turntable



Maximum development of the Standard line turntable

2 tonearm armboards

Motor controller built into the plinth (like at the Reference line)

J.Sikora Standard Max Line


Technical specifications

Total weight: 83kg
Platter weight: 18kg
Platter material: derlin and cast iron
Material: aluminium,brass,copper,inox,bronze
Bearing type: ceramic ball-inverted
Motor: 2 DC pcs
Belt: rubber
Rotation speed: 33; 45 rpm
No. of tonearms: 2
Armboard: yes
Clamp: yes
Glass mat: yes
Power supply: yes
Dimensions: 620 x 350 x 410 mm

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