Albedo Mono-Crystal Silver Cables

Albedo, to put it simply, is a company advocated by audiophiles across the globe. They have been successfully creating their own Monocrystal Silvercables for over 20 years, and are admired by music enthusiasts as well as the most serious Analog obsessives. Albedo presents superb products spanning a range of purposes, and they are always set at an excellent price point; rendering them one of the top choices for avid Audiophiles in Indonesia.

ABOUT Albedo Silver Cables

Every single Albedo mono-crystalline silver cable includes a conducting part comprised of pure silver, which is in fact manufactured by Albedo themselves (based in Poland); with the silver itself being extracted from only the finest induction furnaces.

Most serious audiophiles will know about the battle between Silver and Copper when it comes to producing Analog equipment. Numerous debates are discussing which is better, and which will provide you with the very best quality playback.

What most individuals might not be aware of, is that different types of Silver create a different effect, and the same goes for Copper. In some cases, Copper may be more beneficial as opposed to Silver. But what Albedo has clearly demonstrated, is that Silver Monocrystal is certainly superior unless it has been poorly chosen and/or poorly worked on/with; which is not the case for Albedo’s Silver Cable products.

Albedo’s Monocrytal silver has been carefully selected for its beneficial properties and results in a sound born from precision and excellence, to say the very least. They are one of very few companies making use of monocrystalline technology, and with the inclusion and application of their expertly chosen silver, this results in a highly neutral material; in turn, creating a sound that cannot be championed.

The use of monocrystalline technology, allows Albedo to create conductors with no grain boundaries whatsoever; allowing for a smooth and unhindered flow of electrons, and therefore nullifying any possible harmonic distortion.

Since Albedo’s conception, they have successfully produced several ranges/families of cables. Some of which include:

  • Blue Family
  • Flat- One / Air Family
  • GEO Family
  • Monolith Family

The Albedo Monolith Reference Cable is by far the company’s most popular product and it has been in great demand for over 16 years. Whilst the design has in fact changed somewhat since its creation, the original blueprint for the conductor remains the same.
Although Albedo offers a wide variety of superb high-end speaker cables, they also produce a number of Analog interconnects, digital cables, newly introduced USB cables, DAC’s, and anti-vibration isolation pads (Cermo Series).
Alongside this, Albedo (based in Poland) continues to take control of every single stage throughout the manufacturing process. From smelting their own silver to personally placing the cables within their packages, each step is completed with precision and perfection in-house. This is a company with finite attention to detail, and the level of research undertaken to create their cables is clearly apparent throughout their execution.

Despite the fact that this is in large part, an incredibly small artisan producer, since their conception, they have sold over 10,000 metres of their Reference Monolith cable; their most popular product (for over 10 years).

Luckily for you, we stock a range of Albedo’s creations here at Phantom Audio, including the Reference Monolith cable. With a growing number of requests for their products each year, we aren’t planning to remove them from our online store any time soon.

There are only a handful of companies on the planet to date creating their own cables, and yes you guessed it, Albedo is one of them. With an approach to design that creates an exquisite level of naturalness for reproduced sound, these are some of the very best and highest quality cables available.-

Albedo Cables Silver Audio
Albedo Silver Audio Cable
Albedo Audio Cables

Albedo Mono Crystal Silver Cable Awards

Albedo Silver Monocrystal Audio Cables
Albedo Audio Cables
Albedo Pure Silver Cables
Over the years, Albedo has collected a significant amount of prestigious awards as well as numerous recommendations within the HIGH-END Analog Audio community. Some of these include:
  • HiFi Choice of The Year (Recommended Cable Supplier)
  • Audio Video Choice of The Year (Recommended Cable Supplier)
  • Nagroda Roku Award 2014 (Polish HIGH-END Award)
  • HiFi Pig Choice of The Year (Recommended Cable Supplier)
  • Audio Video Choice of The Year (Recommended Cable Supplier)
  • Stereo Life 3* Award (Wybor Redakcji) – Well-Known Polish Award
Albedo Cables
Albedo Cables

Albedo Pure mono Silver Crysta METAMORPHOSIS

Pure Silver Mono-Crystal Cables
Pure Silver Mono-Crystal Cables
Albedo Pure Silver Mono-Crystal Cables
Albedo CEO Grzegorz Gierszewski

The Creator - Grzegorz Gierszewski

Grzegorz Gierszewski set up Albedo over twenty years ago (in 1996), and has remarked that he was initially inspired when he received his first silver cable; noting that he had found a quality of sound that he had never experienced before.

Originally a Goldsmith, Gierszewski has a deep understanding of precious metals, and in turn, how to use them in the best possible manner.

Quite remarkably, this is an individual that has gone to great lengths to create a company rooted in originality and pure artisan practice. Grzegorz has in fact created a laboratory solely for silver monocrystalline production, making this company one of the very few true manufacturers within the industry, rather than just an assembler.

With a dedicated mission as well an immense following within the audiophile community, we are certain that Albedo has more in store for us in the coming years.



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